Window & Door Warranty

The following extended warranties are offered on our Factory Finished window and door sets and are subject to regular maintenance as specified in our guidelines.

These warranties are in addition to your statutory rights.

Your warranty covers your windows and doors from the earlier date of collection, delivery to site or invoice of your products.

Subject to the regular maintenance* of your windows and doors as outlined in the Sashless Windows maintenance data sheet, should your windows or doors rot within 30 years, Sashless Windows will repair or replace your product with the same, or an equivalent product.

Should your sealed unit fail due to the ingress of water or water vapour then Sashless will replace your sealed unit (supply only years 2- 10) with an equivalent or better performing product. This warranty excludes any survey of your windows or doors.

Should your Ironmongery** (handles, locks etc) fail within a period of 10 years then Sashless will replace the faulty item (supply only years 2- 10).

Sashless warrant that for a period of 8 years on painted surfaces, 5 years on stained surfaces and for 2 years on Oak that the coating will not peel to bare timber, crack (more than 5% of the surface area), exhibit significant yellowing of the film nor prematurely degrade to bare timber.

Exclusions. For a definitive list see our detailed terms and conditions of warranty.

The products must not be site altered, trimmed, drilled or glazed. The products must have been stored on-site correctly, handled and installed in accordance with BS8213-4:2007 and have not been damaged. The coatings have not been abused, damaged or installed in high risk exposure areas. The product has been paid for in full and maintained in accordance with our recommendations.